Ati Radeon X1600 XT Drivers

Amd Ati Radeon X1600 XT Download Driver and Update
Gigabyte GV-RX16T256V-RH
90nm Technology

90nm technology help make X1000 products the most advanced GPU is ever highest clocks speeds, incredible feature integration, full performance, precision all the time,  ability to take advantage of future, higher/speed memori.

Ati Drivers

Ver: 8.671
Date :2009/11/26
Size : 107.29 MB
Windows Vista 32bit AsiaAmerica- Europe
Windows Vista 64bit   AmericaChina-Europe
Windows 7 32bit  AmericaAsia
Windows 7 64bit   America-Europe

Ver: 8.671
Date :2009/11/26
Size : 173.95 MB
Windows XP 32bit   AsiaAmerica -Europe
Windows XP 64bit  AmericaChinaEurope

Ver: 8.252
Date :2006/06/13
Size : 13.61 MB
Windows XP 32bit  Asia-AmericaEurope
Windows 2000   AmericaEurope-China

Ver: 8.333
Date :2007/02/14
Size : 32.2 MB
Windows Vista 32bit   AsiaAmerica-Europe
Windows Vista 64bit   China-Asia – Europe – America


VGA Tools – Gigabyte Utility
ATI driver need above 8.31 version (Windows XP-Vista)
nVidia driver need above 93.71 version (Windows XP-Vista)
Ver: B071227
Date :2008/01/25
Size : 7.73 MB
Windows XP 32bit AsiaChina -Europe
Windows XP 64bit  Asia- AmericaEurope
Windows Vista 32bit  – EuropeAsia
Windows Vista 64bit   China-Asia -Europe
Windows 2000  – AsiaAmerica-Europe

Size: 23.04 MB
Date: 2006/04/17
ATi game patch for elder scroll IV:Oblivion

Windows XP 64bit  Asia- America– Europe
Size: 14.17 MB
Date: 2006/04/17

Ati game patch for elder scroll IV: Oblivion

Windows XP   32bit  AsiaChina -America -Europe
Windows 2000 EuropeChina – Asia -America

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