Ati Radeon X1050 Drivers

Amd Ati Radeon X1050 Download Driver and Update
Gigabyte GV-RX24P256H

Catalyst  Control Center
Ati is all new catalyst control center goes far beyond traditional
driver configuration software it is a feature rich and stable 3D
acceleration control application that puts you in complete command of
your ati visual processing unit, vpu.

Ati Drivers
Ver: 8.476
Date :2008/04/23
Size : 37.59 MB
Windows XP 32bit   America– AsiaEurope
Windows XP 64bit America – ChinaEurope


Ver: 8.476
Date :2008/04/23
Size : 46.78 MB
Windows Vista 32bit  AsiaAmericaEurope
Windows Vista 64bit    AmericaEuropeAsia

Ati HDMI Audio Drivers
Ver: 5.00.4001.08
Date :2007/09/07
Size : 4.13 MB
Windows XP 32bit   EuropeChina – AmericaAsia

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