Amd Ati Radeon X1050 GPU Drivers

Amd Ati Radeon X1050 GPU+Hypermemory Download Driver and Update
Gigabyte GV-RX105512P8-RH

Gigabyte is GV-RX105512P8 features Ati radeo X1050 GPU with remarkable ati hypermemory technology, which makes more efficient use of all the available memory in computers with PCI expres technologys.Ati VGA Drivers
Ver: 8.671
Date :2009/11/26
Size : 173.95 MB
Windows XP 32bit   Asia– AmericaEurope
Windows XP 64bit  America– ChinaEurope

Ver: 8.671
Date :2009/11/26
Size : 107.29 MB
Windows Vista 32bit AsiaAmericaEurope
Windows Vista 64bit   AmericaChinaEurope
Windows 7 32bit  AmericaAsia
Windows 7 64bit   AmericaEurope

Ver: 8.33
Date :2007/02/01
Size : 30.65 MB
Windows XP 32bit   Asia– AmericaEurope
Windows XP 64bit  AmericaAsia – China – Europe

Windows 2000 America –Asia – China – Europe

Ver: 8.31
Date :2007/02/07
Size : 21.91 MB
Windows Vista 32bit AsiaChinaAmerica
Windows Vista 64bit    AsiaEuropeAmerica 

VGA Tools – Gigabyte Utility
ATI driver need above 8.31 version (Windows XP-Vista)
nVidia driver need above 93.71 version (Windows XP-Vista)
Ver: B071227
Date :2008/01/25
Size : 7.73 MB
Windows XP 32bit Asia– ChinaEurope
Windows XP 64bit  AsiaAmericaEurope
Windows Vista 32bit  – EuropeAsia
Windows Vista 64bit   ChinaAsiaEurope
Windows 2000  – Asia– AmericaEurope

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